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Fly Fishing
Simply put as the art of enticing a fish to accept the fly and get hooked.
This website serves a group of like minded folk who are willing to teach, share and provide advice on a range of subjects mostly regarding Fly Fishing.
The group is an informal gathering of these folk.
Fly Tying

Fly tying can be considered an artform in its own right. The methods, skill, knowledge needed, ranges from a simple hook and some thread though to those flies you can see adorning some of the finest houses in Scotland.

Not to get ahead of ourselves but with some pointers and a little coaching almost anyone can produce a fly capable of catching a fish.
The art of casting a small fly on the end of line into a pool of water.
The use of the correct rod, line and leader, the methods of moving the rod to produce the required result.
Sounds daunting, it isn't, but it will require some practise to produce the right result.

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