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Many people and businesses have very set ideas of what a consultant is or what a consultancy does, let Dark Red clear this up a bit.

A consultant may be one or more people who:
a) have specialist knowledge,
b) who can quickly understand your issue,
c) can describe a solution,
d) implement a solution.

Basically a consultant brings stuff to the table that you may not have but need to take your business forward. Consultants do not grow on trees.

A consultancy describes what the consultant is aiming at.

Business owners tend to think of this as expensive but when you need to get over, or to redirect, or otherwise change your plan, staff, or knowledge then this can be one of the best ways of addressing your needs. Usually this is very cost efective.

Consultants handle change.

We have been known to be used to rescue failing projects, to introduce new technologies and to undertake business process reviews.

If you would like more information or would like to chat over what is required then please contact us on 0845 838 7459 or email .

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